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 Who we work with

Business is about people. It’s about passion. It’s about bold ideas, bold small ideas or bold large ideas.” Tom Peters

We focus on local businesses. In fact, we have a real soft spot for local business owners because it’s a challenge to start and grow a business to achieve a vision. Local business owners are the real underdogs of the world, competing with large regional, national, or international businesses that have far more resources and economies of scale working in their favour. We like to help them level the playing field.

It’s All About People

We prefer to work with hands-on owners who are passionate about their businesses, not with teams or committees, because we enjoy the personal relationships.

To us, each project is an exciting investigation of different personalities and possibilities. It’s the owner’s passion and personality that give a website its unique character—that give it life. Each project takes on a life of its own—no cookie cutter approaches—and who knows what that life will reveal? That’s what’s so exciting about what we do.

If This is You, We’re Meant to be a Team

In general, we work with business owners who:

  • Have already achieved some success and want to reach the next level, but need help getting there.
  • Are passionate about what they do. We’ve found that, without passion, there’s no real drive to execute.
  • Understand that we can’t do a great job without their contribution, input, and interaction throughout the process. We can’t just make stuff up; clients have to provide us with information and devote time to the process.
  • Trust that we know what we’re doing and will develop something they’re completely happy with.
  • Are open-minded or even off the wall—willing to entertain new insights and innovative ideas.
  • Like to have fun!
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