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 Brand Discovery: Uncovering Your Authentic Brand

“It is my business to know what other people do not know.”


It takes a lot of detailed investigation to get to the heart of your brand. It’s there, it always was, but it’s hidden away behind the status quo you want to rise above. Our strength is seeing what others don’t see, and knowing what others don’t know.

Cases aren’t solved overnight, and our process takes time. We ask you a lot of questions, then we ask you more and, just when you think we’re done, we ask some more. We keep asking until we know we’ve got it.

What We Cover (and it’s a lot!)

Sure, you can get a logo done for peanuts, and even have someone tell you what your brand should be without a thorough investigation. You know, just come up with an idea that sounds really clever but doesn’t really represent your business.

You wouldn’t do that for a client who comes to you with a case to solve. Would you? No, you’d ask tons of questions, research the topic, look at all possible solutions, and then present your client with the most effective solution to their problem. That’s what a true professional does.

We take the same approach. We have an insatiable desire to get to the bottom of things, find out how things work, and connect all the dots to uncover the mystery that is your brand.

We ask you so many questions you’ll wonder if we’re going to start living with you.

Our process involves 4-5 meetings with you of about one hour each. These are scheduled several days apart for a couple of reasons:

  1. The answers need to be absorbed and simmer. Sometimes new clues come in our sleep, while driving, or out for a walk.
  2. Some of your answers may lead us to doing research on a particular topic so we can fully understand it.


Once we have worn you out, we get out our pipes and start solving the puzzle, piece by piece.

We typically need 2-3 weeks after our interviews to solve your case and set you on your new, successful path.

Categories covered:

  • Business Overview
  • Personal & Business Characteristics
  • Your People
  • Your Services
  • Clients
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

And there’s more, but we’re not telling you until we meet!

When We’re Done, Here’s What You’ll Get


A booklet that ensures that everyone in your business understands the:

  • Business “vibe”
  • Business culture: vision, mission, values, beliefs, behaviours, and personality
  • Main messages to be used in your communications

The booklet helps anyone quickly understand what your business is all about. For example, it can be used when hiring new employees to ensure they are a good fit with the business, or as a guide for people creating marketing material.

But the biggest benefit of your bible is that it boosts your confidence. It’s quite common for small business owners to have a fear of putting themselves “out there” because they might believe they have nothing special to offer. Standing out from the crowd can create the fear of being noticed and not accepted. So the answer is to stay small. Until now!

After review, revisions, and your approval of the copy, you will receive two versions of this document: a PDF, and print-ready artwork, designed in the new corporate style. You can’t play their game and win. You have to play your own game. You have to be that kid who didn’t want to play by everyone else’s rules . You make up your own rules. But you have to be clear about what your rules are.


Logo & Tagline

We’ll give you three logo options that truly reflect your brand. You’ll be hard pressed to choose. After finalization and approval, you will get your shiny new logo in several formats for various applications. And you’ll get a tagline that tells everyone what you’re all about.

Style Guide

We’ll provide you with typefaces and colours so you can ensure every communication you make reflects your authentic brand.

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