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If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” HOWARD SCHULTZ

Your brand is more than your logo, identity, and products or services. Those things are all part of it, but they’re not it. Your brand is simply a reflection of who you are. How could it be anything else? You created your business and, if it’s not a reflection of you, whose reflection is it?

People make buying decisions based on emotions, not logic. Their decision to do business with you is an emotional one based on a personal connection to your brand.

Good, honest branding is the secret to creating an effective website and improving all your marketing efforts. Once you have uncovered your brand, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it right from the beginning.

Our Brand Development Strategy

Mysteries exist to be solved, and there’s nothing more fun than discovering how to make your website and other marketing efforts highly effective. We have an insatiable desire to get to the bottom of things, find out how things work, and connect all the dots to uncover the mystery that is your brand. Then we use our findings to create websites and other marketing material that help you achieve your goals.

The brand development process is really a process of self-discovery—detective work. It’s finding out and documenting your business’s vision, mission, philosophy, values and beliefs, and personality.

No outsider can just walk in and slap a brand on your business without doing all the digging that’s required to uncover these things.

Our Comprehensive Branding Service

Business Discovery

A series of interviews to help us understand all aspects of your business and determine your target market and competitive environment, among other things.

Brand Investigation

An audit and uncovering of the culture and personality of your business in order to fully understand your unique brand, your business goals, your key messages, and your business’s voice.

Corporate Identity

A review of your logo, messages, and all other aspects of the “look and feel” of your business to determine if they are an accurate reflection of your newly discovered brand.

Your Business “Bible”

The creation of a pamphlet that conveys your brand. This serves as a useful reference for you and your employees to keep you focused on your brand.


Making your business look
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