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Custom Website design & development

A good story cannot be devised; it has to be distilled.” RAYMOND CHANDLER

Our Business-Building Website service is a comprehensive, 9-step process designed for one thing only—to increase your sales:

Planning & Strategy

  1. Goals. To determine your objectives and requirements for your website.
  2. Business Discovery. A series of interviews to help us understand all aspects of your business and determine your target market and competitive environment, among other things.

On-Site SEO

  1. Keyword Research. A thorough analysis of all the potential keywords that could be used for your website.
  2. Site Architecture. Development of the site structure and navigation, based on your goals and the results of our keyword research.
  3. Optimization. Complete on-site search optimization, including page titles, URLs, page headings, and content.
  4. Professional Content Editing. Your content will be professionally edited to capture your voice and ensure your messages are clear. Content will also be keyword optimized.


  1. Custom WordPress Website Design. You will be given three unique custom design options to choose from. We do not use pre-built themes.
  2. WordPress Development. Clean and efficient coding using best practices, with no unnecessary or questionable plugins.
  3. Testing and Launch. To ensure the site’s functionality and consistent appearance and experience across all devices and major browsers.



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