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 Alex Wong

Creative Superhero

  • Unites artistic vision with programming acuity; embraces paradoxes
  • Perfectionist with a critical eye who favours sharp logic and practicality
I don’t like deceptive marketing or uninteresting design that fails to differentiate a business from its competitors. When you work with clients that have integrity and are committed to their customers, and you are willing to be innovative, you can produce material that is honest but captivating—and it actually works.

Alex Wong

Alex is a creative designer with an artist’s eye and a programmer’s acuity. He has produced creative visions for print and brought award-winning execution online. Alex has developed the web presence for estate home builders such as Mission Homes and resort locations such Dreamcatcher in B.C. and La Bella Vita, Mexico. His trademark identities can be seen in communities such as Mahogany in Calgary and Hudson Village in Edmonton, and in popular establishments such as Pulcinella restaurant.

Alex has a Bachelors of Design from the Alberta College of Art and Design. His career started with a strong foundation in pre-press and print production before transitioning to a creative design agency then ultimately creative director. Over the past 10 years, Alex has done numerous projects in the areas of print, web, video, and digital illustration. Recognizing that interesting design communicates the message more effectively, Alex is always seeking new and exciting ways to make each project better than the rest. He brings a spirit of innovation to his work.

Alex’s approach to programming is to use best practices and modern standards to ensure compatibility, responsive load times, and SEO and Google compliance. He is experienced with a wide variety of platforms including HTML5 + CSS3 and WordPress, and has a mastery of Adobe Creative Suite.

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