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Your Magnetic Website: More Traffic, More Conversions

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

Brand Discovery? Done.

Now we’re ready to create your magnetic website. Not only will it increase your traffic but, more importantly, it will become a magnet for your target audience, increasing leads and conversions.

Visitors who resonate with your brand will know they found who they’re looking for. They’ll think, “Hey, you’re just like me.”

And with more traffic and conversions, you can cut back on other time-consuming and less-effective marketing efforts.

What Is a Magnetic Website?

Your website isn’t just another marketing tool—it’s the online representation of everything your business is and everything it stands for. It’s a living thing that provides an experience that’s as close as people can come to physically visiting your business. Other forms of marketing are often static and usually represent one small aspect of your business. But a website is your business, at least virtually.

Planning & Strategy

To determine your objectives and any special requirements for your website, and assess your timeline for providing necessary content and photos/images.

Keyword Research

Comprehensive keyword research will be undertaken to determine as many potential keywords as possible. This generally results in a list of dozens, or even several hundred terms. We will use these keywords, along with your page requirements, to develop the site architecture / navigation.

On-Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Good site architecture is very important to both search engines and users. The goal is to develop a body of content for each major category on the website, sometimes referred to as a siloed approach. The more content and the greater number of pages within a silo, the more authority this silo will build with search engines.

On-site SEO includes developing the site structure and navigation, based on your goals and the results of our keyword research. All page titles, URLs, and page headings will be keyword optimized.

Professional Content

Website content is still the driving force in engaging visitors and in search engine optimization. Unless you’re already a well established brand, people aren’t searching for you; they’re searching for information.

It’s up to you to provide the content (hey, you’re the expert!). That’s when we come in.

Your content will be professionally edited or written to capture the voice of your company and ensure your messages are clear and resonate with your target audience. All content will be search engine optimized (SEO).

Custom WordPress Website Design

You will be given three unique custom design/navigation options to choose from. We do not use pre-built themes/templates; each design is completely custom coded to reflect your brand.

WordPress Development

Your site will be developed with clean and efficient coding, using best practices, with no unnecessary or questionable plugins. It will also be responsive (displaying properly on all devices) and load quickly.

Testing and Launch

Testing ensures the site’s functionality and a consistent appearance and experience across all devices and major browsers.

Your Time Commitment & Approvals

The majority of your time commitment will be for:

  • Reviewing the results of our keyword research and choosing those that you feel are
  • Providing information for the creation of content.
  • Reviewing and approving each stage of the work. Many of the steps do not
    require face-to-face meetings, although that may be necessary or desirable.


We normally budget about 12 weeks to complete a website project, although a shorter time frame may be possible depending on your availability and time commitment.

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